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Redmond City Council, Position #7

Carlos Jimenez photo

Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez, the Executive Director and founder of Centro Cultural Mexicano, is running for Redmond City Council, Position 7. Jimenez is a former executive board member of the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council, where he was a strong advocate for working families. Jimenez's campaign is focused on social, racial, and economic justice, and he seeks to build an inclusive Redmond through affordable housing policies, better transportation, and environmental protections.

Jimenez is running against City Council Vice President David Carson, Dr. Shad Ansari, and Osama Hamdan. Carson is a business-oriented candidate who has used his time in office to reduce regulation on businesses. Ansari is a former Microsoft employee and current holistic practitioner in functional and Eastern medicine. Hamdan came to the U.S. as a young refugee with his parents and is seeking to foster a sense of community in Redmond. While Hamdan is progressive, he failed to lay out a specific policy agenda or vision for Redmond in his interview with our council.

Jimenez is the best choice for Redmond City Council, Position 7.


Progressive Group Makes Redmond Council, Mayor Picks

The progressive group Fuse has released its 2019 pre-primary picks for the Redmond and King County races.

By Neal McNamara , Patch Staff
Jul 18, 2019 2:20 pm ET


Fuse Washington has released picks in 2019 King County primary races.

REDMOND, WA — The left-leaning group Fuse Washington has released its annual "Progressive Voters Guide" ahead of the Aug. 6 primary. The guide offers recommendations for candidates running in King County, Redmond, and on local ballot initiatives.

Here are the local candidates and county-wide issues they endorse. In some races, Fuse lists multiple candidates who might be a good match for progressive voters.

  • Mayor: Angela Birney
  • Council Position 7: Carlos Jimenez
  • Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2: Preeti Shridhar, Sam Cho (tie)
  • Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5: Fred Felleman
  • Proposition 1, King County Parks Levy: Yes

King County began mailing primary ballots on Wednesday, and they should begin appearing in your mailbox by this weekend.

Fuse has been publishing the guide since 2008, and the group makes endorsements in races across the state. The full guide with a detailed explanation for each pick can be found on the Fuse Washington website

Meet the candidates for Redmond council Pos. 7

Why are you running for Redmond City Council? 

 Carlos Jimenez: I am running for Redmond City Council because every person in Redmond deserves a voice at the decision-making table. Our voices in local government impact the policies that shape our everyday lives and the lives of the next generation. As an advocate for racial, economic, and social justice, I would represent our entire vibrant community. I envision a council where respect for the longtime resident, as well as the new resident, results in innovative ideas that benefit the whole. 

 What are some goals for this upcoming term on council? 

 Jimenez: My goals on council are to listen to the residents of Redmond and to invite them to be part of shaping the future of our city. We are fortunate to live in a dynamic place, where the community cares about their city. It is imperative to listen to our small-business owners that help give the city its character, and also to engage into community conversations as we are faced with ever-rising housing costs. We must acknowledge the future infrastructure needs and the needs of our youth and seniors who deserve our respect, care, and attention. Together we can shape a positive future for the city we call home. 

Campaign Kickoff Party Photos by Lily Pezzee



Environmental Impact

I care about the environment and want to minimize my campaign's impact on Redmond. In order to reduce waste, my campaign will not be sending out print mailers. We are also considering using only digital signage instead of adding to the already crowded street signage in Redmond. What do you think?


Campaign Kickoff Party

Join us for a Campaign Kickoff Party hosted by Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta and Rep. Vandana Slatter at Los Pajaros Studio Gallery in Redmond


Diversity at the Table

 I am running for Redmond City Council Position 7 because it is  imperative to have representation at the table where decisions are made.  The voices of underrepresented groups have been left out of important  discussions and debates in our city for too long. I have spent my career  advocating with many others for social, economic, and racial justice.  As your next City Council Member I would continue this work and amplify  the voices of the community.   

In this picture I am standing with other candidates for local office. If you're not at the table, you're on the menu!